How SwingTalk Became The Talk of The Town

How SwingTalk Became The Talk of The Town

A Potent Combination of Market Influencers and Social Media Combined To Bring The Brand Name Viral and Surge Traffic To Their Cutting-Edge App

When neighborly advice and your products and services align, beautiful things can happen.

Everyone who spends any time online is on the hunt for tips and tricks that can make their lives better. Whether you’re looking for the best prime rib cooking techniques or you’re trying to improve your golf swing, or you’re searching for the ultimate vacation destination, odds are you’re looking for advice from a friend first and foremost. That’s the role influencers can play in guiding purchasing decisions.

Influencers are people who, organically or otherwise, have amassed a significant following on social media in their particular niche. Their followers value their input because over time they’ve developed a reputation for steering people just like them in the right direction. As a marketer, no doubt you see the potential here. But how do you approach these influencers and get them to consider your brand as they dole out their advice?

That’s where ArticleHub can help. For instance, when the company behind SwingTalk, a golf swing analyzer, wanted to bring more exposure to their brand and highlight their new mobile golf simulator app, , they employed ArticleHub to reach out to small and large influencers in the golf arena in an attempt to drive more targeted, enthusiastic traffic to the SwingTalk site.

Here’s what happened:

  • Once these influencers got a chance to try the app, it skyrocketed from rank 232 in the App Store sports category to the top 100.
  • YouTube views increased by 70%;
  • Retweets exploded by 90%;
  • and their Twitter followers jumped a whopping 155%.

That jolt in overall brand awareness and enthusiasm is a perfect example of what can happen when brands are able to correctly harness the power of market influencers. In fact, a recent study conducted by Twitter and market analysis firm Annalect found that a user’s purchase intent jumps 5.2x when they’re exposed to both brand and influencer tweets; 49% of users rely on recommendations from Twitter influencers, which is second only to recommendations from friends. Further, 20% of users said that they shared a product recommendation because of inspiration from an influencer.

That last stat is particularly telling. Imagine: If you’re able to connect your brand with only half a dozen influencers, and 20% of each of their followers decide to share your product with their social media universe, word of your brand and how it has helped ordinary people is going to reverberate around the social web. This translates directly to more enthusiastic traffic driven to your site. You’re thrilled with the increase in sales; your new customers are happy to have found you; and the influencer is happy they were able to steer their followers to a quality product and brand. Everybody wins.

Does this seem to you like a marketing paradigm worthy of further exploration? Then fill in the form and let us know how we can help you further your branding and outreach goals. With constantly changing search engine ranking criteria and the ever-expanding popularity of social media, influencer marketing remains a vital connection between prospects and brands. Isn’t it time you put it to work for you?