Ora TV

Ora TV


  • Increase brand awareness online for the ORA TV’s Daily Rehash
  • Promote show by sharing video content,
  • Engaging potential viewers to drive YouTube video hits
  • Grow Twitter popularity during a two month period

Tactics & Services

  • Find appropriate bloggers using Blogdash filters and analysis
  • Create pitch according to Ora TV goals and objectives
  • Target entertainment bloggers with a Page Rank of 3+ and 1500+ Twitter Followers
  • Engage bloggers outside of entertainment who have Klout Scores of 50+ and high levels of influence
  • Develop and use a #hashtag @mention created specifically for the campaign.
  • Combine blogger outreach with social media platforms to extend message reach – require bloggers to use #hashtag and @mention in all posts; require posting to all blogger social channels



Increase in Twitter Retweets


Increase in YouTube Views


Increase in Twitter links


Increase in Twitter Followers