SwingTalk is a device that provides comprehensive data on a golfer swing when it is attached to the grip of a golf club. SwingTalk sensor provides a wireless connection to the smartphone using Bluetooth.


  • Increase brand awareness online for the New SwingTalk Mobile Golf Simulator
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Tactics & Services

  • Find appropriate Influencers and YouTubers using Blogdash filters and analysis
  • Create pitch according to SwingTalk goals and objectives
  • Target Golf Bloggers and YouTubers that have Klout Scores of 50+ and high levels of influence
  • Combine blogger outreach with social media platforms to extend message reach – require bloggers to use #hashtag and @mention in all posts; require posting to all blogger and YouTuber social channels.


Rank 232 to Top 100

Boost App Store Ranking in Sport


Increase in YouTube Views


Increase in Twitter Retweets


Increase in Twitter Users